Who is NicholsonWatchCo ? | Watches & Jewelry | Up to 65% Off+Free S&H

NicholsonWatchCo is a family run business and Authorized Retailer specializing in quality watches and jewelry. Our focus is to provide great bargains, excellent service and the newest styles for our customers nationwide. If you're looking for something new then you're in the right place!

At NWCo we commit to giving you the best of everything. To make sure we deliver on that promise we only partner with distributors that operate within the United States. This is a more expensive route for us as a business, but in regards to service it will give our customers faster shipping times at 1-3 business days and delivery times generally within 3-10 days. As a company we also gain more control over the quality of the products we carry in order to guarantee that you are getting exactly what you order, unlike other companies who source their products from less dependable countries.
NWCo is proud to be a registered business in the United States and our family looks forward to giving you the best online experience in the industry.

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