Since 1993, Emmanuel DIETRICH has been creating and developing wristwatches for the most famous horological brands. Coming from the field of design, and treasuring its specific approach (a quest for the perfect balance between esthetics and practicability) he decided to launch his eponym horological brand, DIETRICH in 2010. Established in the heart of Switzerland, close to its vibrant metropole Zürich, DIETRICH proposes unique timekeepers whether in terms of design, functions, manufacturing and or in regards to the selection of materials.
Reflecting the inner world of designer Emmanuel DIETRICH, these timepieces are a unique mix of the notions of “body” and “time”. O.Time. Our today’s range, O.Time -the third development of DIETRICH- illustrates perfectly our philosophy.  A humanistic approach of aesthetics and time. An approach that celebrates life, sensuality and pleasure.